Youtube is used everyday by people throughout the world. We always watch music videos and funny videos on Youtube but we never really think that Youtube is actually very useful for self promotion, especially for the online marketer. Youtube is the second largest search engine, after Google. With 60 million viewers watching more than 100 million videos each month. Youtube is a true internet phenomenon.

Many people now spend a high percentage of their time online so why not target your audience through the place they hang out the most? Youtube Marketing is a very effective way to attract customers. Youtube is well known for the ‘viral’ video. If your video goes viral, you’ve made it. You will attract millions around the world.  It is an extremely successful way to attract customers. That is the ultimate goal for the online marketer – to have one of their Youtube videos go viral.

Here is a list of some of the UK’s top viral videos of 2011. These videos show some very good examples of viral marketing.

Youtube is free to sign up to. You can upload as many videos as you want for free. Some marketers will pay top dollar for getting their advertisements on to TV or radio. Marketers should be taking full advantage of Youtube because it’s free. Gary Cottam describes how marketers should use Youtube as an online marketing tool in this article.

I found this online post quite interesting – 8 Ways to Maximise Your Youtube Marketing Results. Rich Brooks talks about enhancing your Youtube Marketing.

Marketers should be showcasing what they have to offer through Youtube.  There are more videos watched on Youtube each month than there is searches done on Google.

I leave you with one of the top viral videos ever made. The Kony 2012 video. The video went viral for many reasons – “it tells a story” and in my opinion one of the main reasons it went viral – “Famous people told you about it”. Since the release of the video there has been a lot of backlash but that’s a story for another blog. The point I’m making with the Kony video is it’s effective use of Youtube and Viral Marketing. The video has over 80 million views.


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